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Having lost the cartridge for my Pokemon Y, I downloaded it so I wouldn't have to search for it again. It was only after the download was finished that I learned that a downloaded game doesn't work with a game card save file. What I need to know is: if I delete the game file from my card, will it also delete the save file?

Also, a double-check: a new game card will work with the old save file, right?
Small Ponies are watching you by Jphyper
Small Ponies are watching you
Go ahead and make your own! Just link back here to the original if you do, though. Credit where credit is due, and all that.

The characters shown are:

Outer left column: Twist, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Fluffle Puff, Brainy Twilight

Inner left column: Silver Spoon, Apple Bloom, Diamond Tiara, Derpy, and a blank template

Inner right column: Pun, Spike, Nyx, Nebby, Aurora

Outer right column: Arrowhead, Snowdrop, Celestia, Discord, Button Mash

Also on my Tumblr!
I watched the newest Transformers film this afternoon, and it was grand. Dropping Shia LaBouf was a great decision on the movie makers' part (something I've heard even Shia himself has said). No more of that strange awkwardness that seems to radiate from the character of Sam Witwicky. I'll try not to spoil too much here.

I doubt critics will be singing its praises, but I personally found it enjoyable. My first complaint was that it took a while to actually get any Transformers on-screen. There's also the runtime; make sure you drink your soda very slowly (or better yet, skip it), because this film is a whopping 2 hours and 45 minutes long. If you have any liquids before the second half, regardless of how well you handle fluids, your bladder will feel ready to explode long before the film ends.

Personally, the part I found the most amusing was when Rainbow Dash transformed into an assault rifle. Yes, you read that right. I don't know which to say: "Rainbow Dash is Best Gun" or "Rainbow Dash is now cannon."

I look forward to more, as the ending made it quite clear that there is at least one more planned.

I wish the merchandise was better. With the current wave of toys, they've sacrificed the fun parts such as transformation and posability in favor of simplicity and action gimmicks.

Is Transformers: Age of Extinction worth watching? Don't ask me; I've enjoyed all the Transformers films so far, so my opinions on the franchise do not reflect the majority opinions.

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